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Two overlooked pieces when setting up your evergreen email marketing funnels

How do you use your email marketing software to create a thoughtful & automated customer journey that doesn’t overwhelm your subscribers? Drawing from a personal experience of being inundated with emails after signing up for a business bundle, we’ll uncover two crucial but often overlooked steps when setting up your lead magnets in a very specific scenario so that you avoid overwhelming new email subscribers.

Making your email marketing more efficient

Learn how reducing tech inefficiencies by switching to a more user-friendly email marketing software such as ConvertKit can help you to create more opportunities for sales in your small business.

What is an Email Service Provider

Have you heard the phrase “email service provider” and wondered exactly what people are referring to and if really need one for your small business?

Email Sequences Demystified

What is an email sequence and how can it help you to automate your email marketing? We’ll uncover the basic types of sequences and how they play a role in connecting to your audience.

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