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Below is a sampling of podcast interviews & presentations I’ve done

Image of Boss Mom Podcast

The Boss Mom Podcast:
If Your Business Feels Like A Chore, It’s Time To Explore Something New!

Image of Go To Gal Podcast with Bev Feldman's face

The Go-To Gal:
Authentic Automation: How to Approach Email Marketing in 2022

Podcast art for FamilyPreneur Podcast

FamilyPreneur Podcast:
Aligned & Auethentic Email Automations

Podcast art for The Content Experiment Podcast

The Content Experiment:
Nurturing Podcast Listners Through Email Marketinge

The More than Capable Mompreneur:
How Email Automation in ConvertKit Can Nurture Relationships and Grow Your Business

Business Manager's Podcast:
How to Avoid Annoying Your Audience During a Launch

Cocktails & Content Creation:
3 Myths About Email Marketing

Raising Loveliness:
Email Automations 101

Sassy Strategist:
Convert Leads into Clients Using Email Marketing

From Chaos to Peace:
With Your Personal Tech FAiry

Aligned Coach Podcast:
How to Make More Sales Using Your Email List

Creative Conversations with Marylin de la Hoz:
Email Automation Magic

The Gutsy Podcast:
How to Show Up Authentically in Your Email Marketing

Unlimited Podcast:
Aligning Life as a Multipassionate

Simply SHE:
Email Marketing Magic

Change Makers:
What is it Like to Have a Tech Fairy?

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