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For coaches, consultants, and content creators who want to automate their email marketing while treating your subscribers with trust & respect.

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Bite-sized, brain-friendly nuggets of wisdom around email marketing, ConvertKit, and treating your subscribers like people.

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I believe we should use email marketing in a way that aligns with our values of caring about people and the planet.

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Hey there! I'm Bev Feldman (she/her)

I’m a jewelry designer turned ConvertKit Consultant & Email Automation Strategist. I’m your tech-savvy godmother here to make the tech side of your email marketing working seamlessly.  

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Customers reviews

"Bev is truly a personal tech fairy! I hired Bev to fix some major issues with a new course/program launch and integrate all my various tech platforms. From there, Bev tackled my email lists and automations...I highly recommend Bev for all your email automation needs."
Robyn Parets
Founder/CEO Pretzel Kids
"If you need any expert guidance on navigating the world of ConvertKit, Bev Feldman is the person to get on your team. I was having difficulty wrapping my mind around how best to organize the flow of my email sequences. One call to Bev and now I can clearly see AND understand how best to organize all the moving parts of my email marketing."
Dr. Michelle Deering
Mother-daughter relationship personal trainer
"Bev is amazing to work with. She's fast, knowledgeable and showed me everything that she did so that I can do it for myself moving forward. If you're having an email tech issue, give her a ring. You won't be disappointed!"
Kim Hancher
Style Coach

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