Hey there, I'm Bev​. I’m a marketing technology consultant + strategist and the face behind Your Personal Tech Fairy. ​

I help heart-centered coaches & solopreneurs to ensure your automations are set up correctly on ConvertKit so you can build trust and nurture relationships with subscribers.

My own journey as an entrepreneur began in 2010 as as a jewelry designer + metalsmith, selling my handmade creations. After getting tired of the grind of selling physical products, I pivoted my business into teaching other budding jewelry makers to kickstart their hobby.

Through years of learning about emailing marketing, building sales funnels, and automation, I decided to create and sell digital products online. And along the way, I realized I enjoyed the process just as much as creating the products themselves. 

(While I’m a creative soul, I’m also a very logical thinker.)

And I want the same for you without you having to spend hours of your day digging through Google searches trying to figure out how.

Woman in blue shirt outside sitting on a wooden chair holding a macbook air laptop and laughing

I totally geek out on getting all the pieces of technology to fit together so that you can nurture relationships with your subscribers, build trust, and hopefully transform them into loyal clients.

“I needed some help in creating a proper email marketing system for my business. Bev went above and beyond in helping me clean up my list and create a proper system. My email opening rates are higher than ever before as a result of her work. I highly recommend working with Bev.” -Padma Ali

For your amusement...

Some totally random factoids about me (in case you were wondering…)

  • I’m named after my maternal grandmother, also named Beverly
  • My favorite shows are Friends and Gilmore Girls
  • In college I VERY briefly considered majoring in math, until I took Vectors & Matrices, a post-calculus math course, for “fun” (as it turns out, it wasn’t actually that much fun)
  • For awhile I was super into blogging and attended four blogging conferences in three years
  • I’m not that into blogging anymore, but I do have a personal blog about eco-friendly living called Bev Goes Green
  • After my husband and I got married, we quit our jobs and backpacked around Panama and South American for 5 1/2 months. We visited Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador & Colombia. (My favorite was Peru.)
  • I have two daughters who are almost exactly four years apart in age, and the three of us each have a V in our names
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