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Meet Bev Feldman, Your Personal Tech Fairy

Where ConvertKit and email marketing automation strategy meet empathy & curiosity

and a dash of fairy dust

I transform your tangled email funnels into a system that’s streamlined, simplified, and effective so that your emails land in the right people’s inboxes.

If you're feeling done with overly aggressive and complicated funnels & one-size-fits-all approaches to email marketing that lack nuance, you're in the right place.

I’m a fungal – and a giant cheeseball – who nerds out on the tech aspect of email marketing while helping you to feel grounded in the parts of it that might feel confusing or complex.

My goal is to understand your business – what you sell, how you sell it, and your email list size – and meld it with email marketing best practices so that you receive tailored support & strategies. Whether you hire me specifically for one of my ConvertKit services or an email automation audit, the goal is for you to show up for your community (via their inbox) in a way that feels good for you.

As a consultant, I pull from my background in education plus my professional experience training and supporting English Language Learners to adapt how I work to each client based on how they best take in information.

My own journey as an entrepreneur began in 2010 as as a jewelry designer + metalsmith, selling my handmade creations. After getting tired of the grind of selling physical products, I pivoted my business into teaching other budding jewelry makers to kickstart their hobby. (That website still exists!)

Through that business, I learned to implement some questionable and downright icky marketing tactics that are rampant in the online space. The ones dripping with aggression and designed to make you feel so bad that you finally take action.

Thanks to experts like Maggie Patterson & Dr. Michelle Mazur, I learned to be more discerning in how I approach email marketing and the tactics I use. 

My approach is rooted in consent, human connection, and strategies that align with your values.


More core value is People and the Planet over Profit. 

I will not work with businesses that are rooted in harming people and/or the planet. Even if that means missing out on an opportunity for me to make money. My other values include:


I try to meet my clients with empathy and recognize that we all show up in different ways based on our lived experiences. 


I recognize the many levels of privilege I have and use it to learn from and lift the voices of those from marginalized communities/identities. I also believe in paying a fair wage.


I do my best to adapt how I work to my clients’ learning style, and provide multiple modes of providing information, including video, text, and audio,

Some totally random factoids about me.

(in case you were wondering…)
  • I’m named after my maternal grandmother, also named Beverly
  • I’m a shy extrovert & an Upholder (anyone else a fellow Gretchen Rubin fan?)
  • In college I VERY briefly considered majoring in math, until I took Vectors & Matrices, a post-calculus math course, for “fun” (as it turns out, it wasn’t actually that much fun)
  • After my husband and I got married, we quit our jobs and backpacked around Panama and South American for 5 1/2 months. We visited Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador & Colombia. (My favorite was Peru.)
  • I have two daughters who are almost exactly four years apart in age, and the three of us each have a V in our name
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