Liquid in action

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I realized after I recorded the video that you can’t actually see the pop-up preview (at about the 2:27 mark) that shows what the green box looks like, so here’s a screenshot of what the Liquid translates to for people who had not purchased the workshop:

screenshot of ConvertKit email with green box that says List Cleanup Workshop and information about the workshop below

The Liquid I used was {% if subscriber.tags contains “Purchased: ConvertKit Workshop” %}{% else %}{{ snippet.live_workshop }}{% endif %}

  • {% if subscriber.tags contains “Purchased: ConvertKit Workshop” %} Tells ConvertKit to look to see if anyone has the tag Purchased: ConvertKit Workshop (and in this case, I told them not to show these subscribers anything
  • {% else %} tells ConvertKit to look for everyone else (meaning, everyone who doesn’t have that tag
  • {% endif %} tells ConvertKit that’s it — basically, move on and show everyone the remaining content

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