Evergreen Nurture Automation for ConvertKit + Mini Course

Effortlessly promote your product or service on autopilot while treating your subscribers like people (and not numbers to be sold to).

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These templates retail for $35 USD, but as a Systems & Workflow Summit VIP, you can get them for free.

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    Bev Feldman

    Your Personal Tech Fairy

    Who am I?

    Looking for a tech-savvy fairy godmother to make your email marketing a breeze? I'm here to help! As a ConvertKit Consultant and Email Automation Strategist, I blend tech and automation with a human touch. My goal is explain it in a way that makes sense to new and non-users alike and to get you excited about creating a thoughtful & automated customer journey.

    What does this include?

    • Two visual automation templates for ConvertKit (with all of the accompanying tags and email sequences ready for you to add in your email copy) you can easily import with the click of a button
    • Quick-start mini course with short instructions on how to use these automations and customize them for your business
    • A short ebook with additional information to help guide you through the tech setup