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Subscriber Strategy Training

Improve email engagement, deliverability & conversions by creating a system for organizing your hot mess list of tags.

Maybe you feel like you’re missing out on sales because you don’t have a way to understand and track your subscribers’ interests and purchases.

Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed looking at your hot mess list of tags.

(Ok, let’s be real, it’s not even hot. It’s just a mess.)

Heck, you might be confused by tagging versus segmenting. You’re not alone…it’s confusing & messy for 95% of my clients.

The thing is, having a solid subscriber strategy is the foundation for building connection through email marketing.

A strong subscriber strategy allows you to send targeted & personalized emails that your community is more likely to actually read, click on, and respond to.

Which in turns leads to more opportunities to make sales through email marketing.

But it’s also one of the most overlooked and ignored steps in email marketing.

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That’s where the Subscriber Strategy training will help.

This is the only training for coaches, consultants, bloggers, and small service-based businesses that need structure and a strategy for organizing their subscribers inside of their email marketing software so that you can make sense of the information and send targeted emails.

It’s based on the methodology I use with my clients when working with them to build evergreen funnels that are rooted in consent, human connection, and deliverability best practices.

Hey there, I'm Bev Feldman (she/her),
Your Personal Tech Fairy 🍄

As an Email Automation Strategist with a specialty in ConvertKit, I transform your tangled email funnels into a system that’s streamlined, simplified, and effective so that your emails land in the right people’s inboxes.

My approach to email marketing is rooted in consent, human connection, and deliverability best practices. 

My clients have included coaches, financial advisors, therapists, yoga instructors, and realtors.

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What will we cover you learn in the Subscriber Strategy Training?

Here’s are some of the key takeaways from the training:

🍄 Understand why having a strong Subscriber Strategy and using tags, segments, and custom fields with intention improves engagement & deliverability and boost conversions

🍄 Uncover what categories of information you need for your business so that you can properly segment and organize your subscribers

🍄 How to incorporate consent so that you’re sending information that people want to hear about while also cultivating trust & connection

🍄 Learn where and how to collect information about your subscribers with the technology you’re already using for your business

🍄 Determine how to name your tags & segments so that there’s clarity about what it all means (instead of wondering if you actually need those seemingly random tags that you’re VA created)

🍄 What information to delete and how to keep things clean and organized moving forward

🍄 Steps to to building an organized system that enables you to better understand the people on your list so that you can send them targeted emails with relevant products and services.

🍄 Finally understand the difference between Tags & Segments and when to use them

🍄 The number one segment you should absolutely have so that your new subscribers aren’t inundated with emails

 What’s included with your purchase?

  • 60 minute pre-recorded video training
  • AI-generated tanscript 
  • Access to the slide deck  (view only)
  • Fillable Google Doc workbook  with examples so that you can create your own Subscriber Strategy that you (or team member) can implement in your email marketing software within the next week
  • $50 off 1:1 Power Hour for additional support

“Bev makes email automation approachable and understandable (even for us non-tech savvy people).

I asked Bev to do a workshop for my community, The Expert Up Club, about subscriber strategy. This is such an overlooked topic, and it is something most small business owners need to be aware of if they want the right message to land in their email subscribers’ inboxes.

Bev made topics like segments and tags understandable. For the first time in my 13 years of business, I am going to segment my own list so I can tailor the messages people receive from me.”

-Dr. Michelle Mazur, host of the Make Marketing Suck Less podcast and author of the 3 Word Rebellion

Frequently Asked Questions

While some of the lingo I use is more ConvertKit-specific, you don’t need to have a specific email marketing software or any other tools. The strategy & concepts behind what you’ll learn can be applied to any email marketing software that allows you to organize and categorize your subscribers. 

The Subscriber Strategy training is not for you if you don’t intend to do email marketing, or if you’re using a very basic email marketing software (such as Squarespace’s built-in email marketing) that doesn’t allow you to tag or otherwise organize your subscribers. subscribers.

Some of the information might be somewhat advanced if you aren’t yet doing email marketing. However, it will help you to get it set up properly when you do so that you can avoid the messes I often see inside of people’s email marketing software. 

This training is focused solely on strategy, there is no tech training. However, if you need additional tech support check out my services page

Yes! You can book a Power Hour (your email when you sign up for the training includes a link to save $50).

My goal with all of  my work is to reduce the tech overwhelm and make the information as accessible as possible. The training itself is focused on strategy and not tech. That said, in order to implement what you learn from the training, you’ll need to have some understanding of how create and update tags, segments, etc inside of your email marketing software. 

Just like I tell me clients, I cannot make any promises on your return in investment. (And it would be unethical for me to do that.) I do firmly believe, though, that you’ll learn something of value that you can apply to to your email marketing. 

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