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Subscriber Strategy Workbook for ConvertKit

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You're a smart, capable business owner. So why is this so darn complicated? 😵‍💫

Maybe you feel like you’re missing out on sales because you don’t have a way to track your subscribers and their purchases.

Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed looking at your hot mess list of tags.

(Ok, let’s be real, it’s not even hot. It’s just a mess.)

Heck, you might be confused by tagging versus segmenting.

You’re not alone…it is confusing. 

That’s why I created the Subscriber Strategy workbook.

This digital workbook is based on the methodology I use with my clients when working with them to build evergreen funnels on ConvertKit. With this workbook, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a seamless, automated system that guides your subscribers along the customer journey inside your ConvertKit account so that you can make more sales and book more calls…even when you’re away from your desk.
  • Have an organized system in place also enables you as the business owner to better understand the people on your list and better target them with relevant products and services.
  • Finally understand the difference between Tags & Segments and when to use them

What’s included with your download?

Your download includes a PDF workbook with videos to demonstrate how to use it with concrete examples. 

Need some accountability?

When you click to download, you’ll have an opportunity to add a ConvertKit Power Hour for $200 ($50 off the regular price of $250) so that we can review your workbook together.

Hey there, I'm Bev (she/her),
Your Personal Tech Fairy 🪄

Love your business but hate dealing with ConvertKit? I’m here to help!

Your Personal Tech Fairy is the only done-for-you email marketing service that humanizes tech and automation for socially conscious coaches & service-based solopreneurs who want a seamless system on ConvertKit that treats your audience with trust and respect, in a world that too often prioritizes profit over people & the planet.

My clients have included coaches, financial advisors, therapists, yoga instructors, and realtors.

Let me take ConvertKit off of your plate so you can work your own magic helping your clients.

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