Making your email marketing more efficient

Learn how reducing tech inefficiencies by switching to a more user-friendly email marketing software such as ConvertKit can help you to create more opportunities for sales in your small business.

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“Is it me? Am I the gremlin?”

Kari Ginsburg, coach & Glitterbomb co-conspirator at Uproar Coaching, said to me when we first met.

These words have stuck with me ever since because so many people have expressed this exact sentiment to me when it comes to their email marketing software for their business (including even ConvertKit).

Kari, all around badass human and business owner, was really dissatisfied with her email software at the time. To her, it was clunky. Every time she tried to look up something, she felt even more confused.

Which made her wonder if there was something wrong with her, if she was the gremlin causing tech issues.

(It was definitely not her.)

Kari wanted to switch from Mailchimp to ConvertKit, but wasn’t sure when would be the best time. Plus the upfront work to get there felt arduous — even if in the long run it would make things easier for her to run her business.

Eventually, Kari’s dissatisfaction with MailChimp compelled her to  book a call with me to make the switch.

Renovate and reinvigorate your lead generation using email marketing

Kari was ready to to renovate and reinvigorate her lead generation process and wanted a more simplified and intuitive process that would allow her to do just this.

And that’s where her bespoke VIP Day came in.

Here’s some of the things we accomplished during her ConvertKit Email Automation VIP Day:

  • Identified the subscribers who weren’t opening her emails and did a list cleanup so she could start her time on ConvertKit with the most engaged list as possible and make sure that her emails were more likely to show up in the inboxes of the people who wanted to read them.
  • Set up an opt-in form that enabled her to learn more about her audience’s interests so that she could send them more targeted & relevant information (which you can absolutely do even when things are automated)
  • Created a strategy for organizing Kari’s subscribers using ConvertKit’s tags, segments, and custom fields so that she could easily identify & reach out to current clients and potential leads.

After the VIP Day, we had an end-of-day call so that I could walk her through the system, answer her questions, and make any adjustments.

Improving the efficiency of your email marketing system

During the 14 days of support that followed her VIP Day, I provided Kari with additional resources to ensure her success moving forward, giving her the tools and encouragement to manage her ConvertKit account herself.

After our work together, Kari’s customers will have a better experience, and she’s able to reach them in a leveled-up way.

As Kari shared in her LinkedIn review of our work together, where I migrated her email marketing from Mailchimp to ConvertKit:

“[Bev] anticipated things I’d need for my business in the future, and made efficiencies to processes I didn’t realize were clunky (I’d accepted clunky administration because I didn’t know any better– NOW I DO!).”

That’s always my goal when working with clients.

To  create a smooth & seamless system that allows you to ​give your subscribers the best experience possible, whether you’re already on ConvertKit or switching to it.

(While also freeing up time for you to spend on the things that bring you joy.)

🧌Let’s banish those email marketing software tech gremlins

While Kari’s case was specific to her old email software, here are some of the ways you could be experiencing tech gremlin’s with your email marketing:

  • You’re preparing for a summit or bundle and you don’t have a system for identifying who’s already purchased or signed up
  • Perhaps you’re ready to make the switch from live launches to evergreen and you’re confused by how to use tags & email sequences
  • You don’t have a system of identifying which emails people are receiving, and as a result they’re either getting too many emails from you so they unsubscribe, or they haven’t heard from you in months and you’re missing out on opportunities to make sales

But here’s the thing. You probably don’t wait until the tech gremlins are so out of control your system is a clunky mess.

Instead, let’s hop on a zero-pressure call  to move you towards a streamlined evergreen system that organizes your leads for you.

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