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Prepare your business for Google's & Yahoo's big updates

Featuring ConvertKit's Email Deliverability Specialist

Google & Yahoo recently announced some big changes that go into effect February 2024 that can impact everyone who sends bulk emails & does email marketing.

Because there is a lot of technical jargon and some confusion about how to set this all up correctly, Bev Feldman, owner of Your Personal Tech Fairy, brought in Melissa Lambert, Email Deliverability Specialist at ConvertKit, to present about the updates, share as a small business owner what you need to know, and answer your questions.

Learn directly from a ConvertKit employee about what you need to prepare

In the workshop, we covered:

  • Gmail's and Yahoo's new security requirements and their impact on email deliverability
  • The three email authentication requirements for senders
  • Email deliverability, engagement practices, and email best practices
  • Sender reputation, and how to rebuild it after you authenticate your domain

The replay includes the video recording, transcript, and ability to listen to it in your podcast player.

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