Fix Your Flow

Learn practical approaches to enhance your email marketing tech setup so that the right emails get to the right people, while also creating a more meaningful connection with your audience.

Welcome to Fix Your Flow, a series dedicated to helping you automate your email marketing so that the right emails get to the right subscribers (without sacrificing the human connection).

In this series, we’ll explore the common issues that arise when setting up email funnels, an way to look at email marketing that focuses on treating your subscribers like people while still making sales, and a nuanced nuanced framework that will help untangle the chaos so that the right emails go to the right people on your email list.

The Human Touch in Email Marketing

My approach to automation email marketing is simple: use technology while maintaining a personal touch.

After all, the individuals on your email list are real people. Even when automation plays a role, treating your subscribers as individuals remains essential. This philosophy will guide our conversations in the series to come.

Sally’s Story

Before we delve further into email marketing strategies, let me share a story about one of my ConvertKit consulting clients – we’ll call her Sally.

When Sally approached me, she had an email list that she’d grown organically on ConvertKit over several years to thousands of teachers from various grade levels – elementary school to high school. Over the years, Sally had been delivering valuable content to these teachers through her newsletter.

However, there was a significant challenge.

Sally had no way of identifying the grade level each teacher taught.

To address this issue, Sally had been sending three emails a week, trying to cover content for all grade levels. This approach not only caused burnout but also made it challenging to repurpose content effectively.

Additionally, new subscribers went from being a brand new subscriber to diving right into the content – without much of an intro in between. Or they might not hear from her from months, depending on when they signed up for her list.

When Sally came to me, she wanted to make better use of her ConvertKit account: to infuse it with automation so that she could connect with subscribers and learn more about them in a way that was sustainable as a business owner and while maintaining a human connection. She recognized that her subscribers, these dedicated teachers, had distinct needs based on their grade levels. And she needed a way to address these needs.

What to Expect in this Series

While your needs as a business owner might be very different from Sally’s – you might have a considerably smaller email list, you might sell services instead of being a content creator, or you could have some very complex automations already set up.

But the goal is always the same: to make sure that the right content get to the right subscribers at the right time in a way that feels in alignment with how you want to show up. (Even when things are automated!)

Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming series, Fix Your Flow:

  1. A New Perspective: We’ll start by challenging the conventional wisdom of online marketing and explore a more sustainable approach to email marketing. This approach aims to address the issues that Sally faced and that you may be dealing with as well.
  2. Mastering the Tech: We’ll then dive into the technical aspects of email marketing using the five Email Automation Pillars. You’ll learn how to create a thoughtful, automated customer journey that welcomes new subscribers and helps them determine if your offerings are the right fit for them. Throughout, we’ll emphasize the importance of treating your subscribers as individuals.

As we journey through this series, you’ll gain valuable insights and strategies for improving your email marketing flow so that the right emails get to the right subscribers. (While also maintaining the vital human connection with your subscribers.)

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