Grab the ConvertKit Opt-in Optimizer to ensure you're nurturing your audience from the moment they hit subscribe.

Learn some simple tweaks you can make on your ConvertKit account in under and hour to build trust & treat your subscribers like people (and not like numbers) while ultimately saving you time.

  • Why the default settings on your ConvertKit forms could be losing new subscribers…and what to do instead
  • Some simple tweaks to help build connection with new visitors from the moment they hit subscribe (and hopefully get them to book a call or purchase one of your digital products)
  • How to set up a personalized opt-in sequence in minutes
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Who is ConvertKit Opt-in Optimizer for?

This free guide is for small business owners & solopreneurs. You want your ConvertKit opt-in forms optimized for building connection with new subscribers…but don’t want to spend hours digging around the Google + help articles to figure out all the tech steps that will get you there. 

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Hey there, I'm Bev, Your Personal Tech Fairy

I love geeking out on technology and taking the overwhelm out of setting up your new email service provider. 

I help heart-centered coaches & service providers who are ready to set up email automations on ConvertKit so that you can create better connections and increase client conversions, but don’t have the time or energy to figure out the tech.

My zone of genius is getting all the pieces of technology to fit together like a puzzle so that you can automatically nurture relationships with new subscribers, have the right information go to the right subscribers at the right time, and maybe even earn some passive income at the same time. 

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