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Pinpoint exactly where your ConvertKit is a hot mess so you can stop missing out on sales

You’re on the precipice of hitting an exciting new phase of growth and visibility in your business. You want to feel confident knowing that your emails are landing in your subscribers’ inboxes.

And though you’ve had success using ConvertKit as a marketing tool, over the years your account has become a giant mess.

  • Inside it’s a hodgepodge of forms and landing pages and you’re not sure if you should archive or delete them.
  • Somehow you’re sending subscribers into about 19 different automations that are either burying your subscribers under an avalanche of emails or ghosting them after they receive your lead magnet.   
  • You feel like you’re playing email matchmaker, manually tagging people and shuffling them into the right email sequences, praying to the internet gods that your subscribers get the correct emails.
  • And the tags? Well, you’re pretty sure you don’t need about 90% of them, but you don’t dare to delete any of them for fear of the further chaos that might ensue. 

You want to transform your ConvertKit account from a source of stress and confusion into something that’s simple, streamlined and ready to grow with your business.

(While also ensuring that you continue to treat your subscribers with trust and respect, even when things are automated. Because while you want to earn a living from your business, you also want to use ick-free marketing.)

That’s exactly where the Email Automation Audit comes in.

Get the right emails get to the right people

With the Email Automation Audit, we’ll dive deep into the five pillars that make up your email marketing so that you can simplify and streamline your ConvertKit account to support your business growth. 

“Before investing in the audit, I’d been trying to do things “right” based on recommendations made by “experts” in articles, webinars, and podcasts, but their advice was for larger and different business models than mine. I had a bunch of partially completed systems based on other people’s recommendations that didn’t work, but I was afraid to delete.
Bev was able to take a big picture view of my ConvertKit account and then teach me (sometimes step by step) what to do next. She tailored her service and recommendations to me and my business. Bev looked at my goals and my systems and made some small, but mighty, tweaks that I think will have great ripple effects.”

The five Email Automation Pillars are:


How are you using tags & segments to organize your subscribers inside of your ConvertKit account?


What’s the flow when someone signs up for your email list or lead magnet as they begin that customer journey?


What automated emails do you have set up, or where are there opportunities to do that? How are you personalizing those offers?


What happens when someone makes a purchase or books a call? What emails are they receiving (and no longer receiving)?


What are your email stats telling you? Where are there opportunities to send follow-up emails based on what you know about your subscribers?

With the Email Automation Audit, you’ll receive a comprehensive document that identifies what’s working, what needs fixing, and where there are opportunities to customize and improve the customer journey.

Here's a sampling of the actionable and nuanced suggestions that your Audit might include:

  • Your double opt-in/incentive email ended up in my Spam folder. Here are three changes you can make so that email lands in your subscribers’ inboxes.”
  • 60% of people who signed up for this lead magnet haven’t confirmed their subscription. Consider adding a thank you page that tells new subscribers to check their inbox for that email from you and here’s a couple tweaks you can make to the email to entice people to click to confirm.”
  • Here’s a spreadsheet of all of your current tags and which rules and automations they’re connected to. Based on that, you can either delete or combine these particular tags.”
  • This nurture sequence connected to this quiz has a high unsubscribe and complaint rate which can negatively impact the deliverability of your emails. Based on that, you should either include a reminder of how people ended up on your email list or consider stop running ads to that quiz.”

Who is the Email Automation Audit for?

The Email Automation Audit is for established coaches, content creators, consultants, and service-based business owners who are currently using ConvertKit and feel like they could be using it so much more effectively. 

I’ll dig deep into your ConvertKit account, unraveling what’s working and what’s not, and provide expert and nuanced guidance to simplify and optimize everything for your next phase of business visibility and growth.

Ready to get started?

The entire process takes about between 3-4 weeks, from initial call to receiving your audit results. I’m currently booking audits for Fall 2023.

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Here’s how the Email Automation Audit works:



Intake call

We’ll meet for an initial 30-60 minute call so that you can share your current challenges with your ConvertKit account and goals with email marketing.

During this time, you’ll add me to your ConvertKit account and share links to your current lead magnets, as well as any products for me to test purchase.




I’ll immerse myself in your opt-ins and/or products to track the subscriber experience and analyze your ConvertKit setup. 

After the audit is complete, you’ll receive a Google document that that identifies what’s working, what needs fixing, and ways to improve your setup, as well as a Loom video to explain the results.



Review call

About 2-4 weeks after our Intake Call, we’ll hop on a 60-minute call to discuss the results with action steps. (You’ll receive the Goole document and Loom video a minimum of 48 hours before the call.)




You’ll have 30 days of strategic support (via a shared Trello board or the Google Doc) for any follow-up questions or clarifications, ensuring you’re fully equipped to implement the audit findings.

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Who makes the magic happen?

Hey there! I'm Bev Feldman, your tech-savvy fairy godmother.

As a ConvertKit Consultant & Email Automation Strategist, I excel at taking complex ideas and distilling them into bite-sized, brain-friendly nuggets of wisdom.

My expertise lies in thinking big while obsessing over the tiny details that allow your evergreen emails to work for your business and allow you to Automate with Heart. I’ve also delved into the world of email deliverability to ensure your meticulously crafted emails reach their intended inboxes.

Whether you have a small-but-mighty email list in the hundreds, or are a creator with tens of thousands of subscribers, I’m here to simplify & streamline your email marketing so that you can focus on your craft.

Kind words from past clients

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Book the Audit Now

The Email Automation Audits are currently being piloted to a limited number of people. During this phase, they’re booking at the price of $1,000 for the first three clients (one space left at this price).

After that, the price will increase to $1,200 and I anticipate rising the price as I hone in this process and better understand clients’ needs with this new service.

The Intake Call for this round will happen on the date you select below. The turnaround time for reviewing the audit is about 3-4 weeks after booking below. 

Want to chat before we proceed to make sure this is right for you? Book a zero-pressure call

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t promise that you’ll 10x your sales through your email marketing, but I can promise you’ll be able to identify what’s working with your current automations, what needs fixing, and where there are opportunities to improve the customer journey.

The audit does not include implementation. However, if you want support making the changes I recommend in the support, we can discuss that after we meet to discuss the results of the audit. 

It depends, and it will be an additional cost. Let’s discuss on our call!

First, there are no “small” email lists. A lot of people in the online business space have us believing that we all need massive lists, without taking into account our business models. 

[Steps of soapbox]

If you have a lot going on inside of your account, and know that emails aren’t reaching their intended recipients, this audit can be for you even if your list is in the hundreds. However, without knowing the specifics of your setup, I recommend booking a call or sending me an email if you want to chat first to see if this is the right service for you.

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