Email Automation Audit

Pinpoint exactly where your email marketing tech setup is a hot mess so you can stop missing out on sales

You’re on the precipice of hitting an exciting new phase of growth and visibility in your business. You want to feel confident knowing that your emails are landing in your subscribers’ inboxes.

And though you’ve had success using email marketing as a marketing tool, over the years your account has become a giant mess.

  • Inside it’s a hodgepodge of forms and landing pages and you’re not sure if you should archive or delete them.
  • Somehow you’re sending subscribers into about 19 different automations that are either burying your subscribers under an avalanche of emails or ghosting them after they receive your lead magnet.   
  • You feel like you’re playing email matchmaker, manually tagging people and shuffling them into the right email sequences, praying to the internet gods that your subscribers get the correct emails.
  • And the tags? Well, you’re pretty sure you don’t need about 90% of them, but you don’t dare to delete any of them for fear of the further chaos that might ensue. 

You want to transform the back end of your email marketing software from a source of stress and confusion into something that’s simple, streamlined and ready to grow with your business.

(While also ensuring that you continue to treat your subscribers with trust and respect, even when things are automated. Because while you want to earn a living from your business, you also want to use ick-free marketing.)

That’s exactly where the Email Automation Audit comes in.

Get the right emails get to the right people

With the Email Automation Audit, we’ll dive deep into the five pillars that make up your email marketing so that you can simplify and streamline your email marketing account to support your business growth. 

The five Email Automation Pillars are:


How are you using tags & segments to organize your subscribers inside of your email marketing software?


What’s the flow when someone signs up for your email list or lead magnet as they begin that customer journey?