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Email Automation

You know that automated sequences will help you to save time while also connecting with your audience… but it shouldn’t require an advanced degree in coding to figure it out.

That’s where a ConvertKit Email Automation VIP Day comes in. 

What is a VIP Day?

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With his done-for-you service, you’ll go from a ConvertKit account that’s a hot mess to one that is fully automated & customized to fit your needs using the R.I.G.H.T. Method. By the end of your VIP Day, you’ll feel confident knowing that the right emails that are going out the right subscribers at the right time, helping  you to build trust and relationships with potential clients from the moment they hit subscribe. 

Here are some of the things that your VIP Day might include: 

  • Streamlining any current automations & sequences you already have in place
  • Setting up a fully automated opt-in and welcome sequences
  • Creating a personalized strategy for organizing subscribers
  • Connecting a customized thank you page that new subscribers see after they subscribe
  • Integrating with other platforms you’re on – such as online shopping carts & online learning platforms -= so that your ConvertKit account can communicate
You’ll receive recorded video tutorials of the backend of your ConvertKit account that show you exactly how everything works, as well as 14 days of email support after the VIP Day.

Looking for a little bit of tech assistance on ConvertKit? Learn more about scheduling a one-hour ConvertKit audit.

Building trust through the R.I.G.H.T. Method

Having automated emails, when set up well, can actually help you to personalize your connection with your subscribers by enabling you to send the right emails to the right people at the right time…without being in your email 24/7. 

That’s the R.I.GH.T. Method I use with my VIP Clients. 

Red Carpet rollout

Connect with your audience from the moment they hit subscribe by tweaking the settings on your opt-ins


I’ll connect your other tech platforms with your ConvertKit account and make sure they’re working together properly


We’ll come up with a personalized strategy for tagging your subscribers so that you can track their journey

heart-centered welcome

A key to building trust is making sure those first welcome emails go out to your subscribers  at the right time

test & tweak

We’ll make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to, from tagging to emails going out when they should

What's the investment?

The VIP Day package starts at $1500 and is tailored to fit your business’ unique needs.

The ConvertKit Email Automation VIP Day is for you if you're...

…tired of missing out on opportunities because you don’t have your sequences set up yet

…worried you’re going to set things up wrong and end up annoying your subscribers (and lose potential clients)

…not interested in using your limited time, energy, or patience watching YouTube tutorials to try to figure it out on your own

Here's the VIP Day Process:

Step 1: Fill out in inquiry form

You'll tell me about your business and where you're currently at with your email marketing and where you hope to be by the end of your VIP Day.

Step 2: Hop on a zero-pressure get-to-know-each other call

After you fill out the form, you'll schedule a free 15-minute call where you'll also learn more about the process and what the VIP day looks like.

Step 3: Set the foundation

Once you decide to go ahead with your VIP Day, you'll get a personalized Trello board that outline all of the next steps, including what info I'll need from you to make your VIP day a success.

Step 4: Kick-off call

During a 60-90-minute call we'll dive deeper into your business and what you want to have accomplished by the end of your VIP Day. From there, we'll schedule the VIP Day and I'll let you know what additional information I'll need from you. [Note: in some instances we might start with a paid consult so that I can give you a more accurate quote]

Step 5: VIP Day is here!

This is where the magic happens! I'll spend the day getting your email service provider set up from soup to nuts using the R.I.G.H.T. Method. By the end of the day, you're ConvertKit account will be set up and running smoothly so that you can focus on the parts of your business that light you up.your

Step 6: Final call

When everything is set up, we'll hop on one more video call so that I can show you the backend of your ConvertKit account and how everything works so that you'll feel empowered to use it moving forward. This call will be recorded in case you need to refer to it later.

14 Days of Email & Chat Support

You might have some questions after our final call, which is totally normal! Your VIP Day includes 14 days of email support (via your handy shared Trello board) and up to two 30-minute calls.

Customers reviews

"I had tried to DIY email automations for months and never seemed to ACTUALLY get it done for my business. Hired Bev for a VIP and it was done within a couple weeks. If you’re one those people who has a hard time implementing ideas, I highly recommend Bev. She had some great insight on best practices as well, in case you’re not an email/copywriting pro. Thank you Bev!"
"Thank you, Bev, for being my Tech Fairy. You are, in fact, an angel. Thank you for your patience, your advice, your ability to take a bunch of vague ideas and turn them into a professionally put-together ConvertKit sequence. It was a big leap of faith for me to put my business in your hands, but 100% worth it. You went above and beyond to bring my ideas to life, and the 14 days support after the VIP day was invaluable in helping transfer the knowledge I'll need to manage my own systems moving forward. Highly recommended."
Soozi Kay
Yoga Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Your VIP Day includes the following deliverables:

  • Up to 3 visual automations
  • Up to 10 emails uploaded into email sequences
  • Feedback on up to 10 emails in a sequence
  • Recorded onboarding call (up to 2 hours) before the VIP Day happens
  • Recorded end-of-day call (up to 2 hours) at end of VIP Day
  • System for organizing subscribers (Tags, Custom Fields, & Segments)
  • Up to five 10-minute recorded looms explaining how things work
  • 14 days of email support (via Trello) after VIP Day (with 24-48 hour turnaround time)
  • Up to two 30-minute follow-up calls

This is included in the standard package starting at $1500. Anything beyond that will be an additional cost.

As you can probably tell from looking at this sales page, I am not a designer and I’m a decent enough copywriter but writing sales copy is not my specialty.  My zone of genius — and the piece that I love and am most equipped to help you — is setting up the tech.  As part of your VIP package, I can create a simple opt-in & landing page form using the branding and copy you provide me. I can also provide guidance on what to write in your email sequences and help with editing up to 10 emails, but these are not services I offer. If you need a designer and/or copywriter in addition to the work I do, I’m happy to help you out. 

I can provide you personalized suggestions of what topics to cover as well as sample emails I use. Additionally, I can point you to some templates you can purchase at an affordable price.

My specialty is is ConvertKit and have helped some clients on ActiveCampaign. I’m happy to point you to people who do this kind of work on on MailerLite and ConstantContact.  

I’ve been a ConvertKit user for years. I can’t give you a very specific answer other than I saw a lot of fellow bloggers using it in 2016 when I made the switch. It’s worked for me for over 5 years and I just really like it (and am comfortable with it) at this point. 

In addition to providing 14 days of text & chat support, you’ll also receive recorded tutorials that go through your personal ConvertKit account. 

From working with numerous clients, I have found that using a project management tool helps keep communication streamlined better than email and/or text messages. Part of the onboarding process includes video tutorials that explains how to use the platform.

I offer a limited amount of retainer packages for my VIP Day clients. It’s at a slightly discounted rate than my regular hourly rate. Additionally, you have the option to purchase the VIP Day+ packages, which includes 30 days of email (Trello) support, 2 additional 30-minute calls (so 4 total), and 5 more recorded looms. This add-on is $500. 

I don’t believe in promising a certain number of sales or a xx% increase in conversions. What I can promise is that all the pieces of tech will do what you need them to do so that you have an automated flow, whether it’s ensuring that an email sequence fires when someone makes a purchase on another platform or that subscribers will be tagged based on an action that they take.

I also want you to feel empowered to use your ConvertKit and not need to rely on me every time you need to make any changes after the big day. (That said, I do offer additional assistance should you want to offload any of the maintenance on me!)

Excellent question! I always test multiple scenarios. And part of the 14-day post-VIP Day period is to continue to monitor and make sure things are working correctly.

Most of my focus will be inside of your email service provider account. While you’re welcome to do other work that day, I do need you available to answer any questions that may come up during the big day. Communication during the day will be via Voxer, a free app that allows you to communicate using text & voice messages. I use this app because it’s free to use and I can communicate with clients internationally. 

Once you decide to book your Email Automation VIP Day, you’ll receive an invoice for 50% payment before our kickoff call. The remaining 50% will be due by the day before your VIP day.