Live ConvertKit Audit

You're feeling a bit stuck with something in your ConvertKit account and need a second set of eyes to either help you to troubleshoot or to assure you that you have things set up correctly.

That’s where a Live ConvertKit Audit comes comes in. 

Here's how the audit works works:

Step 1: Fill out in inquiry form

Let me know what your ConvertKit woes are. Maybe your visual automation isn't working quite right, you're presenting at an upcoming summit and need some help strategizing how to make the most of your ConvertKit account, or you simply need a tutorial. I'm here to help.

Step 2: Schedule the call

Schedule your live one-hour Zoom call. Audits are scheduled out a minimum of one week in advance on Wednesday & Thursdays 9:00 am - 12:00 noon EST and some afternoons.

Step 3: Contract & Payment

After your form is filled out and your schedule a call, you'll receive an email within 3 business days with the contract, invoice, and a brief questionnaire to fill out and pay before your live audit.

Step 4: It's time for your audit!

In this live one-hour recorded Zoom call we'll review your ConvertKit account together. After the call, you will receive the recording so that you can review anything we talked about.

The ConvertKit audit is a flat-rate fee of $150 for up to 60 minutes and a copy of the recorded call.

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