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Customized ConvertKit & Email Automation Support

Email marketing automation and evergreen email funnel services that humanizes tech and automation for coaches, content creators, consultants, and service-based small business owners.

My ConvertKit services might be good for you if:

  • You work on a more evergreen business model (my services are not for you if you rely heavily on doing live launches)
  • You want to use strategies that feel aligned with your values (instead of just doing with the big-name online business coach is doing)
  • You are willing to follow email marketing best practices, even if that means your email list will grow at a slower rate. (The good news, I firmly believe it will pay off with having a more engaged email community!)
  • You’re using consent-based email marketing practices & are doing email marketing in accordance with privacy laws and your email marketing software’s terms of service. If you are using a purchased email list, I’m not the right person to support you. 

Power Hour

Get a second pair of eyes to troubleshoot and ensure you have your account and automations set up correctly on your ConvertKit account. 

This service is ideal for you if you have a few specific tasks you need technical support with on ConvertKit.

Investment: $250

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Pinpoint where your ConvertKit account is a hot mess

You’re moving toward an exciting new phase of growth and visibility in your business, but first you need to identify what’s working inside of your ConvertKit account, and what needs fixing so that you can stop missing opportunities to make sales. 

In this done-for-you audit, we’ll dive deep into the five pillars that make up your email marketing so that we can transform your ConvertKit account from a source of stress and confusion into something that’s simple, streamlined and ready to grow with your business.

Investment: $1,200 USD

Email Marketing Strategy Intensive

Part strategy, part done-with-you implementation.

Together we’ll map out an human-centric, automated email marketing plan that allows you to proactively reach out to your audience so you can stay front of mind. Based on your goals, we’ll make adjustments to your ConvertKit account so that you can use it more strategically and effectively.

Investment: $1,500 USD

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Full service done-for-you ConvertKit buildout

With this bespoke service, you’ll receive both technical and strategic support in switching from another email marketing software (such as Mailchimp), setting up your current account, or streamlining your current account. 

Gain peace of mind that it’s working correctly and increase opportunities to make sales.

Investment: Starting at $3,500 USD 

Customers reviews

"I could tell immediately you cared so much about getting my questions and goals achieved in our session. Also, it was so nice just to SIT with you live for three hours. It was so unique - not just static feedback but a dynamic experience where questions came up that you could immediately answer. We covered more than I even could expect because we were live and I could go on a few tangents. It was a super powerful experience!

I now feel empowered to organize and optimize my ConvertKit account. You were able to help me better tackle my welcome sequence with really straightforward advice, show me exactly how to segment my audience (which was my biggest pain point), help me with automations and making sure people are receiving what they should be at different steps, and also personalizing my emails through liquid (which I never even heard about)! Everything you helped me with was exactly aligned with my goals AND beyond. "
"I recently had the opportunity to enter Bev's zone of genius as I migrated from MailChimp to ConvertKit. Working with Bev was an absolute joy, and I knew from our first meeting that my ConvertKit set up would be handled with polish and panache. Because of her hard work, my customers will have a better experience, and I'll be able to reach them in a new, leveled-up way.

Bev managed my project with transparency and exceptional communication. I knew what was happening, when, and WHY. She anticipated things I'd need for my business in the future, and made efficiencies to processes I didn't realize were clunky (I'd accepted clunky administration because I didn't know any better-- NOW I DO!). After our time together, Bev followed up, sent me additional resources to ensure my success moving forward, and generally held my hand while giving me the tools and encouragement to do it myself.

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