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Want to save time setting up your visual automations on ConvertKit?

Grab the Opt-in & Welcome Automation Template Pack

EU Customers, please use this link.

What's included in the visual automation pack?

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The Automation Pack includes the three visual automation templates that you’ll be using in the Convert + Connect Blueprint course:

  • A single opt-in automation
  • A double opt-in automation
  • Welcome Sequence automation

Each visual automation also include the ConvertKit tags and sequences (minus the content) you’ll be setting up in the course. There’s also a short video that shows you how to use the templates.

Upload the visual automations into your ConvertKit account with the click of a button so you can save time getting your automations up and running.

(And since we just met and you still need to go through the course, you’ll have an opportunity to buy these at a later date at the same price when you’re ready.)

EU Customers, please use this link.
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Hey there, I'm Bev Feldman (she/her)

I help online solopreneurs to ensure your automations are set up correctly on ConvertKit without using icky-feeling email marketing techniques. 

There’s so much gross information out there about email marketing that treats your audience like numbers. I take a different approach.

(Which is why you didn’t see a tripwire, or an offer that you had 20 minutes to act on, on this thank you page.)

I see email as a way to connect with your audience…instead of just selling at them.  Properly set up automations should be seen as way to save you time and ensure that the right emails go out to the right subscribers at the right time as a way to build trust. 

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