To all my coaches, bloggers & course creators:

Tired of missing out on opportunities because you still don’t have your welcome sequence set up on ConvertKit?

Listen, you get it.

You know that a key to building trust with new subscribers is setting up a welcoming flow.

But understanding that and knowing how to actually set that up are two very different things.

You want to feel confident knowing that your automations are set up correctly so that the right emails go out to the right people at the right time..

But every time you open up your ConvertKit account, you have to stop yourself from chucking your laptop across the room.

That's where Convert + Connect Blueprint comes in.

Convert + Connect Blueprint is a short tech course that walks you through setting up your automations on ConvertKit. That way you're nurturing relationships & building connection with your audience from the moment they hit subscribe.

(Even if it's been months since you've sent out your supposed weekly newsletter. 😬)

(That's me, your host of Convert + Connect Blueprint.)

Hey there! I'm Bev Feldman, a jewelry designer turned tech nerd and a ConvertKit user for 6+ years (and the founder of Your Personal Tech Fairy). I help heart-centered solopreneurs to ensure that your email automations are set up correctly on ConvertKit so you can build trust and nurture relationships with subscribers.

"If you need any expert guidance on navigating the world of ConvertKit, Bev Feldman is THE person to get on your team. I was having difficulty wrapping my mind around how best to organize the flow of my email sequences. One call to Bev and now I can clearly see AND understand how best to organize all the moving parts of my email marketing." -Dr. Michelle Deering

Convert + Connect is a video course that walks you through the exact tech steps to set up a flow that welcomes your audience from the moment they hit subscribe, saving you the time and frustration of combing through Google searches trying to figure it out on your own.

In this 5-lesson course, you'll learn how to apply the Automate with H.E.A.R.T. Framework to ensure that the right emails go to the right subscribers at the right time.

By the end of this video course, you'll be able to:

  • Tweak the settings on your opt-in forms to maximize connection with new subscribers, while also making your brand stand out
  • Set up a custom single or double opt-in sequence in visual automations that leads subscribers automatically into a welcome sequence
  • Use tags to easily identify which subscribers are in different parts of your flow (and name your tags in a way so that they're better organized)
  • Ensure that new subscribers who are going through your welcome sequence aren't receiving multiple emails from you in the same day

And the cool part -- this course was built ON ConvertKit! (Meaning you won't need to create a log in anywhere to access the info.)

Ready to get started?

Get the step-by-step directions to set up your automations on ConvertKit in an afternoon-- from opt-in through welcome sequence -- so you can connect & build trust with your audience.

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