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Navigating the Opt-In Journey: Building Connections through Automated Email Marketing

When setting up your lead magnets or email newsletter, how do you ensure you’re building trust and connection with your audience from the moment they subscriber to your email newsletter? The Opt-in Pillar, the second of the five Email Automation Pillars, ensures that subscribers receive what they signed up for promptly and that the email frequency strikes a balance between being remembered and not overwhelming the audience.

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Are you leaving your subscribers in the dark?

As a coaches, consultants, creator or small business owners, it’s important to set expectations with new subscribers even before they sign up for your email list. You should clearly communicate your email content, frequency, and engagement guidelines to avoid confusion and enhance subscribers’ experience.

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Email Sequences Demystified

What is an email sequence and how can it help you to automate your email marketing? We’ll uncover the basic types of sequences and how they play a role in connecting to your audience.

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