Email Funnels a hot mess?

You're not alone.

Grab a cup of coffee, friend (or a favorite beverage of your choice) and let's uncover where and why you might be losing your subscribers and what to do to restore order.

private podcast

Fix Your Flow:

Get the Right Emails to the Right People

You’re entering an exciting new phase of growth and visibility in your business...

....but you know your email funnels have become a tangled web. 😬

You want to feel confident knowing that the right emails are going to the right subscribers at the right time.

Where do you even begin to fix things?

In this audio training, we'll unearth:

✅ The 4 common tech issues that arise when setting up email funnels

✅ An alternative way to look at email marketing that focuses on treating your subscribers like people

✅ A nuanced framework that will help untangle the chaos so that the right emails go to the right people

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